Upload Custom Videos To Vine And Instagram With Vinyet

A while back I showed you how to upload your premade, custom videos to Vine using your video editing software, Handbrake and iExplorer. Now, there’s an App for that, and it’s called Vinyet.

UPDATE August 20, 2014: Vine now supports uploading videos from your camera roll! In the latest update to the Vine iOS App (version 2.5.0) Vine has finally allowed users to directly import existing videos from your phone. No more hacks, 3rd party services or workarounds needed.

Vinyet was an iOS app that let you upload custom videos to Vine and Instagram. But it was also much more than that. Vinyet was all about helping you create better social videos by offering unique video editing features not found on any other app.


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The rest of my original review on Vinyet is below. I’m leaving it up for reference for those interested or in case Vinyet makes it back in to the iOS App Store.

Upload Video To Vine and Instagram

Vinyet makes uploading your premade videos to Vine and Instagram extremely easy. No more messing with Handbrake and .mp4 encoding settings. Vinyet does the processing for you.

Vinyet has direct access to the Camera Roll on your iPhone. So if you have a custom 6 or 15 second video clip saved on your computer, all you have to do is transfer it to your iPhone.

When I tested the app, I just emailed one of my videos to my iPhone, and then saved it to the camera roll.

Next I launched Vinyet, selected my video and choose which social network I wanted to upload my video to.

I tested Vinyet by uploading the same custom video to Vine and Instagram, and it worked perfectly in both cases.

So just like that, after two simple steps, my video was posted. The ease and simplicity that Vinyet offers for uploading videos to Vine and Instagram makes it well worth the $1.99 in my opinion.

Please note that Vinyet still respects the time and size constraints of each network: Vine videos are ensured to be no shorter than 2s and no longer than 6s in length and 480×480 in size and Instagram videos are between 2s and 15s and 640×640 in size.

If all you want to do is upload your custom videos to Vine and Instagram, by all means download Vinyet today.

However, if you’re interested in making the best social videos possible, keep reading.

It’s Not A One-Trick App

The ability to upload custom videos to Vine and Instagram is really only a small part of what Vinyet can do.

It has so many other features that help you create and share video from within the app that deserve a mention.

To help you shoot better looking video, Vinyet includes:

  • 23 cinema-quality video filters
  • Adjustable Stop Motion settings (delay & duration)
  • Access to the front and rear cameras
  • Ability to mute the microphone
  • Focus lock on/off
  • Ghost Image capability
  • LED torch on/off

Once you’ve created your video masterpiece and are ready to share it, this is what Vinyet can do with your video:

  • Upload it directly to Facebook or YouTube
  • Convert your video to an animated GIF
  • Send your video in an email
  • Copy the video to the clipboard and paste it into a text message
  • Save the video to an App such as Evernote, Google Drive or DropBox

As you can see, Vinyet will help you create and share visually stunning video using the camera on your iPhone.

If you weren’t sold on the Vinyet before, you should be now. Go a grab it.

What About Android?

I know many of you are wondering if Vinyet is available for Android devices, and I’m sorry to say that it is not.

I reached out to the Arqball team that developed Vinyet to see if there are any plans for an Android version of their app, and this is what Jason Lawrence, Co-Founder of Arqball said:

Our plan is to see how things go with iOS Vinyet before we commit resources to an Android version. So far, Vinyet is looking like a good bet

Let’s Share

I’d love to see the videos you create with Vinyet.

Do me a favor, if you found this post useful and are using Vinyet to upload custom videos to Vine and Instagram or are creating your own unique videos with the app – post a link to your creations in the comment section below for all to see.

Thanks and I look forward to your checking out your videos!

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  • Jason Frega

    Huge thanks again for sharing this Jason. I don’t currently have an iPhone, but I agree, with as awesome as it looks I don’t think Arqball will be far behind on an Android version.

  • Nicholas

    Hey Jason;

    I have an iPhone 4 and am using iOS7; every time I load a custom video up, when I go to share it or download it to my camera roll, it says “Rendor Error” and fails to render the video/thumbnails. I can’t post it to Vine or download it to my camera roll.

    I’ve spent hours changing the format, but even with a 480×480 .mp4 video, less than 6 seconds, less than 1.5MB, it just fails to render no matter what.

    Do you know how to fix this?

    • http://marketpunch.com Jason Stum

      Hey Nicholas, just to clarify are you using the Vinyet iOS App or are you trying to upload via the old workaround?

  • Epic Tutorials

    Thanks Jason, great post. Here is a video tutorial on how to upload edited video to Vine using the Vinyet app https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JplFa-WHS2s.

    • http://marketpunch.com/ Jason Stum

      I’ve added your video to the main body of the post. Excellent job!

      • Epic Tutorials

        Thanks a lot Jason :)

  • Pierre Berube

    Just go and get VineClient for Google Chrome. http://www.vineclient.com and install the extension. It let’s you do everything that the mobile app does and more

    • http://marketpunch.com/ Jason Stum

      Thanks for the tip Pierre! I just checked out vineclient.com and I must say I am quite impressed. I’m working on a review of the extension as we speak :)

  • Meeshi Mae Sense

    I am looking at the Vineyet app available for download in the apple app store right now. It appears that it is available for download again, however now I am skeptical to pay $1.99 for it. Sure the app store let it back in, but does that mean it still works with vine? Couldn’t they (vine) have found a way to block videos you try to upload from the vineyet app?

  • Michael Beatsmith SwiftBone Ca

    Why can’t Vinyet be available for Android?? I always see custom made videos on Vine and Instagram and I’ve been wanting to put music in my videos for the absolute longest lol