1978 Porsche 924 Vintage Magazine Ad
1978 Prosche 924 Magazine Advertisement

A new Porsche that you could own for less than $11,000? In 1978 that was the case with the the self-sufficient Porsche 924.

Developed originally as a Volkswagen by Porsche (which was VW’s de facto research and development department at the time), VW got cold feet about a sports car that would not share a platform with any other VW product so it sold the design back to Porsche.

It was a fundamentally sound bit of engineering, front-engine and rear-wheel drive with a rear-mounted transaxle connected to the engine by a rigid torque tube in lieu of a conventional driveshaft. Weight distribution was 48/52.

While not exactly looking like a Porsche, the 924 was at least clean and attractive with a useful glass hatch continuing the fastback roofline. (more from hagerty.com)

Check out this vintage magazine ad that takes a very wordy approach to telling us what the 1978 Porsche 924 is all about:


1983 AMC Eagle SX/4 Vintage Magazine Ad

Billed as “the sports car that doesn’t always need a road”, is it possible that the 1983 AMC Eagle SX/4 (Sports X-over 4 all seasons) was 30 years ahead of it’s time?

I think so.

Tell me if this sounds familiar: A car-like driving experience, utility, the security of a little more ground clearance and all-wheel drive?

Today we call it a crossover utility vehicle. Back in the early 80′s, it was an innovative vehicle that the world just wasn’t ready for.

Here’s what this vintage magazine ad for the AMC Eagle had to say:

12 inches of fresh powder won’t do much for your skiing if you can’t get to the slopes.

But poor road conditions don’t have to keep you from terrific ski conditions if you’re driving the revolutionary 1983 Eagle.

It’s the only automotive in the world that lets you go from the economy of 2-wheel drive to the traction and security of full-time 4-wheel drive with just the flick of a switch.

Small wonder, then, that Eagle was selected the Official Vehicle of that National Ski Patrol – people who have to get to the slopes.

So if you’d rather be hitting the trails than spinning your wheels, make the revolutionary 2-wheel/4-wheel drive Eagle your official vehicle.

It’s available in 4-door wagon or sedan, and sporty SX/4 liftback. Visit your American Motors dealer for an Eagle test drive…before the next snowfall.

What do you think. Did the Eagle SX/4 lay the groundwork for today’s crossover utility vehicles such as the Honda Crosstour and Toyota Venza?

3 Incredible Podcasts Car Peeps Should Be Listening To

As a podcaster it should come as no surprise that I prefer to listen to podcasts instead of music when commuting, working out  or mowing the lawn.

There have been some exciting new podcasts launched recently, and I wanted to share a few of them with you because I think they’re extremely valuable to those of us in the Automotive Digital Marketing realm.


So without any further ado, here are 3 incredible podcasts that car peeps should be listening to:

The-Dealer-Playbook-PodcastThe Dealer Playbook

Hosted by Michael Cirillo & Robert Wiseman
Website | iTunes | Stitcher

About the show: The Dealer Playbook Podcast serves up weekly guests who share their winning secrets with all of us.

Recent guests include:

  • Rand Fishkin, co-founder of Moz and keynote speaker at #DSES2014
  • Subi Ghosh of DealerAuthority and #twitterrow fame
  • Gary Vaynerchuk Entrepreneur, Author & CEO of VaynerMedia

My thoughts: Michael and Robert do an amazing job at rounding up some of the top names in and outside of the automotive industry.

1982 Datsun Turbo ZX vintage magazine ad

When you look at this vintage magazine ad, it seems pretty clear that Datsun was trying to capitalize on the buzz surrounding video games and arcades that was beginning to take hold across the country for the Turbo-ZX.

Your mind’s eye can easily substitute a joystick for the manual shifter and the Turbo-ZX itself looks like it’s revving up to make the jump to hyperspace.

It’s the 80′s at it’s best! They even use the word ‘Awesome’ in their ad copy.

Quick. So quick, this fuel injected whirlwind can reach the legal limit almost before you can finish reading this sentence.

So effortless, mere flicks of the new 5-speed shifter smoothly boost you to cruise velocity.

So surefooted, you surge confidently through curves on a combination of 15-inch Potenza radials and percisely tuned suspension.

So luxurious, the cockpit borders on opulence: T-bar roof, 4-speaker digital stereo/cassette and integrated air conditioning are but a few of its standards-all built to Nissan standards.

In 2-seater and 2+2, the Turbo ZX is awesome…and then some.

Datsun, we are driven. Product of Nissan.

Stay tuned, I have plenty more vintage car magazine ads to come!

#008: Unfiltered: Instagram in the Car Dealership with Aaron Wirtz [Podcast]

Welcome to Episode 8 of the MarketPunch Podcast! I’m excited to be joined once again by my first ever repeat guest of the MarketPunch Podcast, Aaron Wirtz, Marketing and Media Manager at Subaru of Wichita.


In this episode, Aaron and I will have a conversation about what you can do to be successful using Instagram in the dealership.

Aaron will share with you his creative insights that he’s used to grow the Instagram account for Subaru of Wichita to visually tell the story of his dealership.

Enjoy The Show!

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The Automotive Sales Funnel Made Easy Using Video Marketing

Dennis Wagner

Utilizing video in the dealership is something I’ve been passionate about since I first got in to the car business back in 2008.

In Episode 5 of the MarketPunch Podcast, Joe Senac and I talk about how creating useful and original video content can not only help your dealership ultimately sell more cars, but also help you retain more of your customers.

In his most recent blog post, Dennis Wagner explores how to make the sales funnel easy by using video marketing.

A well-positioned and thorough series of why-buy / why-me and or how-to video can provide your customers with the information they need, so they won’t need to contact you with a huge list of unanswered questions about your product.

As mentioned, 70% of the purchasing decision is made before your customer even communicates with the dealership and, for this reason, bottom of funnel content can also engage customers in the earlier stages. Every feature, nuance or function of your dealership and your daily work routine should be captured on video and available as a resource on your website.

You’ll want to check out the rest of Dennis’ article for his creative insights on how to use video in your dealership today!

Unfiltered: Talking Instagram in the Dealership with Aaron Wirtz

I think it’s safe to say that the adoption rate of social media in the automotive digital marketing world is pretty high in 2014. Most dealerships have an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and/or Google Plus.

But there’s one social network that just doesn’t seem to have gained the same kind of traction among car dealers as it has among other major brands…Instagram.


Before we move on, take a look at some of these Instagram Analytics:

  • Instagram has over 200 million monthly active users.
  • 100% of Auto manufacturers are active on Instagram.
  • 60 million photos generate 1.6 billion likes on Instagram….EVERY DAY!

I’m honored and excited to have been selected to speak at the most progressive conference in the automotive industry, the 2014 DrivingSales Executive Summit. I’m looking forward to having you join me as we Blog to the Future!

Date: October 13, 2014
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Join Me at #DSES2014 and Blog to the Future

On June 9, 2014 I sent in this video application to host a breakout session at the 2014 DrivingSales Executive Summit taking place October 12-14 at the beautiful Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

After weeks of waiting and hyperventilating, I’m happy to announce I just received the great news that I’ve been selected to speak at the most progressive conference in the automotive industry.

I can’t tell you how honored and excited I am for such an opportunity to stand side by side with some of the most respected people in and outside of our industry.

Honestly, if you think I was hyperventilating before, you should see me now!

Let’s Blog to the Future

During my breakout session, I’m going to present the case that the most powerful thing a dealership can do in 2015 is to harness the power of their company blog to drive traffic, generate leads, build connections and improve their SEO.